"Your Comfort Our Concern Since 1975" With our help, You can control the Weather...Indoors (EPA-Environmentally Pleasing Accessories) - We can Cool It, Heat It, Dry It, Wet It, Clean It, Deodorize It, Beautify It and even Romanticize It...

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Major Product Categories:

Air Conditioning (Cooling) Air Cleaning Cooking
Deodorizing Heating

Accessory Products and Services Categories:

Construction Controls Decorative
Educational Energy Conservation Chimney
Restoration Safety Tools

Product Types:

Wood Stoves & Coal Stoves

Gas Stoves & Fireplaces:

Vented & Unvented
Oil Stoves

Wood Burning Fireplaces:

Zero Clearance & Masonry Built-In

Gas Logs:

Vented & Unvented

Hearth and Fireplace Accessories

Furnaces & Boilers

Gas, Oil, Wood / Coal & Electric

Air Conditioners:

Split, Mini Duct Split Systems & Mini Split Systems, Room, Terminal & Package

Heat Pumps:

Split, Mini Duct Split Systems & Mini Split Systems, Terminal, Package & Geothermal

Swimming Pool:

Heat Pumps & Enclosure Dehumidification Systems

Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Air Cleaners:

Electronic, Electro Static & Media Type

Air Purifiers:

Activated Charcoal & Ozone Generators

Radiant Heating:

Radiant Panel In-Floor, Ceiling & Infra-red Tube, Radiators

Prefabricated Chimneys:

Class A & B Vent
Wood Pellet Smokers & Barbecue Grills 
Registers and Grills, Wood, Aluminum, Steel,Cast Iron & Brass & Much More...

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